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TEC-Universum is a comprehensive supplier and an official dealer of manufacturers of construction chemicals and thermal insulation materials. The history of TEC-Universum dates to 2006 - since the company's foundation.

TEC-Universum has a long-term experience, which is our advantage and allows us to expand the geography of our partners every year. Nowadays we cooperate with the companies of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan and with countries of the Middle East. The list of our clients includes such companies as: "Inter RAO", "Power Machines", "Norilsk Nickel", "Taganrog Boiler Works", "Supros" and many other enterprises.

As well as supplying materials, we develop fire protection projects, inspect metal structures and issue conclusions on compliance with fire regulations, approve the necessary corrosion protection coating schemes, and provide works on installation of polymer floor coatings.

In the segment of thermal insulation materials, we offer development of pipeline insulation projects, turnkey supply of materials for lining and cladding of boilers.

Our mission is the constant development and improvement of the quality of our services. Flexibility and customer orientation of the company allows us to carry out our activities competently and guarantee a result that will satisfy 100% of all sides.

TEC-Universum. Engineering company

What we offer

Thermal insulation materials

  • Thermal insulation of pipelines
  • Thermal insulation of tanks
  • Thermal insulation of boilers
  • Thermal insulation of electric filters and equipment
  • Thermal insulation of chimneys
  • Quick-release insulation
  • Finding the necessary technical solutions

Construction chemistry materials

    • Fire protection of structures
    • Water based flame retardant
    • Organic fire retardant
    • Epoxy resin fire retardant
    • Flame retardant composition based on hybrid polymers
    • Fire protection of cable lines and penetrations
    • Fire protection of wood
    • Waterproofing of mineral-based concrete
    • Mastic type waterproofing
    • Concrete additives
    • Acrylic waterproofing
    • Spray coatings based on polyurea
    • Hydrophobizators
    • Injection waterproofing
    • Coatings for the protection of concrete and mineral surfaces
    • Acrylic enamels
    • Polyurethane enamels
    • Epoxy enamels
    • Varnishes
    • Toppings
    • Impregnations
    • Self-levelling epoxy floors
    • Self-levelling polyurethane floors
  • Seamless roofs
    • Gravy compounds
    • Shrinkage-free fast-hardening dry concrete mixes of bulk type
    • Shrinkage-free, fast-hardening dry concrete mixes of thixotropic type
    • Reinforcement corrosion protection
    • Protection of the concrete surface against the penetration of liquids and gases
    • Glue for sports and artificial surfaces
    • Glue for parquet
    • Glue for linoleum and carpets
    • Glue for lamination
    • Seam sealers
    • Adhesive sealants
    • Flame retardant sealant

Laser scanning method

  • We create a 3D model with millimeter accuracy:
  • Tanks (calibration/inspection)
  • Pipelines (aerial and ground scanning)
  • Buildings and constructions (monitoring)
  • Bulk materials (scanning)
  • Quarries (scanning and calculation of volumes)
  • Bottom of water bodies (bathymetry)
  • Construction and engineering (surveying)
  • 3D scanning for reconstruction


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